Raindrops falling on my…

Yesterday it was raining heavily. I had opened up the living room blinds to get a good view and some light too. The atmosphere was dull but not so much for me to take a quick nap. So I decided to finish the book I was reading for some time. The book was of my favourite author James Rollins “Seventh Plague” and was very near for completion, some 40 odd pages to go. Seeing the pounding of the rain and the green bushes outside the window, I kept the book aside with HEAVY heart, grabbed my camera and sat down (literally) to take shots, all through the glass. Fortunately the window wasn’t that bad, almost clean, as you will notice there are no blemshes in the photos that you could identify.

I am satisfied with the way every photo has turned up, all through handhold – no tripod. I would say out of 100 odd snaps, 3 or 4 came out blurred due to the shake (the cold was making by body shiver a bit). By the way, all the snaps are taken in Aperture Priority

After I took these shots I realised that I didn’t have to go anywhere out. All the subjects were in my back and front yard, where all the action took place.

No more commentary now. Here are the snaps, 15 of the best.

If you need EXIF data on any of the pictures, please let me know. There are many snaps loaded this time and was a bit lazy to pull metadata on all of them and type them in..!!

Again as always, do let me know how you find them. Opinions welcome.

The Moon

The following images are taken by Canon EOS 7D with a 75-300mm Ultrasonic lens. Shot in Aperture Priority (first two almost full moon images) and complete Manual mode (the crescent moon images) with a tripod. The Exif (Exchangeable Image File Format) data is given under each shot.

Taken on 16th May 2019; f/13; 1/400sec; 0 EV; ISO 500
Taken on 16th May 2019; f/8; 1/1000sec; 0 EV; ISO 500
Taken on 8th June 2019; f/5.6; 1/100sec; ISO 400
Note: As an experiment, I tried sharpening the edges which probably have added more white light to the edges but have sharpened the craters.
Taken on 8th June 2019; f/10; 1/80sec; Kelvin Temperature; 0 EV; ISO 320
Taken on 8th June 2019; f/6.3; 1/160sec; Auto WB; 0 EV; ISO 400

These are not perfect images as one would expect, but a good start. I would like to improve upon these shots using correct exposures and get into a darker place while shooting it. To avoid the shake, while shooting the crescent moon I used the self timer of 10 secs. I have the remote but was a bit lazy to hook on..!!. Due to the delay, the moon shifted to the lower left corner when viewed on the camera screen. Next time I will be sure to use a remote or a 2 sec timer.

I will be glad if critics can suggest a better approach to take moon shots and opine on above. Truly appreciate readers feedback.

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