Power of Promise

Recognized for more than 25 years of successful partnership in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with conclusive leadership in delivering enterprise initiatives.

I am adept at defining, designing and implementing policies, procedures, and process frameworks especially on Project/Program Management, Change Management, Requirements Management, Vendor Management, and PMO to enhance efficiency and promote consistency across an organization. Managed and led several strategic and consulting assignments in Insurance, Software development, Retail, Telecommunication, and Housing domains. Currently delivering technology initiatives for a Victorian utility client.

It is my uniqueness that empowers my productivity and perfection I often hold myself to a higher standards. I am committed to constantly strive to improve myself and what I offer.

What am I known for
I am known for efficiency, productivity and finding solutions to challenging problems so I always get the job done right.

What do I stand for
I stand for doing things right and doing the right thing, not that this is always possible given the changing organization landscape, but at least strive for. What I don’t stand for is doing something for the sake of it.

What do I care about
I shy away from the ‘I’, ‘Me’, ‘Myself’ and embrace the ‘We’. This helps me gain the trust of my team members and stakeholders. I genuinely care about my team and promote a fair environment where all are benefited. Organization’s and team values are always in the forefront as oppose to my own, provided they serve the greater purpose. I understand my actions will have an impact, positive or negative, and if they are right, I carry them out in the interest of all.

What can you expect of me
With the right Capability, Character, and Commitment, I aspire to lead organizations to become better and stronger. With the right mindset, complemented by hard-earned skills, I possess the Capability of maintaining a positive attitude. Have been nurtured well throughout my life, first by my parents, then educational institutions, and then organizations that have made me a better human being loaded with respect, trust, integrity, and self-control thus defining my Character. Like to keep things simple and understandable for others to successfully deliver every initiative I am responsible and accountable for. Committed to doing something better I continuously improve, learn, and un-learn.

Let’s join hands.

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