Night time photography

Last week I was in Sydney on a vacation trip. I almost did 20K steps each day, walked all over from my hotel to those enchanting places. One evening when all others were tired and decided to take a break, I stepped out with my camera and the tripod thinking of getting some night time photos. It was still a bit of daylight around, so I first went into the St. Mary’s Cathedral to take few snaps from inside. I am not sharing them here on this post though. Once it was dark, I came out of the church and planted my tripod nearby.

Here are few pictures taken during night time. There are also few pictures taken at the darling harbour where unfortunately my tripod wasn’t with me, as I was not destined to be there in the evening. However I was able to get few without much shake.

Darling Harbour – Sydney
Darling Harbour – Sydney

Harbour Bridge
Palm Trees on the pathway – Portobello Cafe?
Car light trails
If you zoom this, you can see people standing at the windows
One of many lamps at the St. Marys Cathedral
Not sure which building was this, was on the other street from the church, but gave me a great photo op

4 Comments on “Night time photography

  1. Great images from an exciting city where I have never been! I like the car lights and the first one most of your excellent selection.


    • Glad that you liked. Yes, Sydney has the hustle and bustle as any big city would have. Crowded though as compared with Melbourne (where I live)


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