Yellow Hibiscus

It rained yesterday after many weeks. It has been hard on the state of Victoria (as with few other) with all the heat, fires, and smoke. It was certainly a reprieve as the temperature suddenly dropped – almost 20 degrees – yesterday and started raining. It’s raining today too, but the smoke lingers :-(. I took the opportunity to snap few photos of the lone hibiscus and of those many water droplets. I wish I had a MACRO lens.

Wishing all my readers a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

2 Comments on “Yellow Hibiscus

  1. Hibiscus is a beautiful flower and so are your pictures. I really like the yellow color with the red in the middle and the rain drops. Considering you didn’t use a macro lens the images are great. I have a hibiscus of the same color but it now rests during the winter.
    Wish you a happy continuation of the year 2020!!


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