Backyard – 2

4 Comments on “Backyard – 2

  1. Hello Ranjit!!
    Long time now since you posted any of your excellent images. Hope all is well with you in this strange time we are all in now because of covid-19.
    Thanks for your “Likes” on my blog. I’m now in a period where I don’t use my camera so very much, maybe because of the heat 🌞 It’s very hot now here on the island.
    Take care and I wish you a pleasant continued week wherever on earth you are!
    // Anita


    • Hi Anita. Thanks for checking on me. Yes it’s been quite a long time I have posted anything. Been very busy with the work, balancing the new normal. As you may know Melbourne,Australia is in Stage 4 since a week for the next 6 weeks. There’s also a curfew from 8pm to 5am everyday. We are restricted to be within a 5km range and only an hour outside. With all such restrictions it’s hard to go anywhere with the camera bag. However, I go for a 10k walk every saturday (before Stage 4 of course), with no baggage. Also it’s winter here. Get’s dark sooner. So so many excuses 🙂 . I am not even writing any Blogs too. Trust you and your family are safe and sound. How’s the situation at your place? You can write to me on my Gmail Id instead. It is

      I shall soon resume photographing something….!!



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