Hiking in Werribee Gorge

Last week I did something that was on mind since many days. I have heard of this Gorge from few but never attempted to visit. It was always hiking at You Yangs for us.

So with another enthusiastic couple we decided to finally go there. Started early morning. On the way back we had plans to make coffee and breakfast in it’s picnic area. As this was our first at the Werribee Gorge we did a smaller hike of 5k. It was all rocky and steep inclines at few places. The scenery was amazing.

Here are few snaps taken during the hike.

After the hike as planned we spotted an area where we could set-up the gas. We had two single burner propane gas units. So one of us started making omelette and I commenced on boiling water for making a nice hot cuppa tea. It was a good feeling after a not-so-hard hike.

Next time we have plans to do the 10k trail hike. Let’s see. Meanwhile enjoy these photos.

3 Comments on “Hiking in Werribee Gorge

  1. Your nice pictures and your words show that you had a really pleasant hike. it is an invaluable gift to have the opportunity to hike in nature. It energizes both body and soul.
    Thank for sharing this.

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